It all started with a beige, funny-looking computer with a 9” screen many years ago. That device became the brush and canvas for me to begin my graphic design career. Since those days of bulky disks and slim pickin’s of fonts are forever gone, so is the visual landscape.

We are surrounded by visual noise, growing media streams and 24/7 information. To cut through the noise, a term describing visual identity became known as “branding”. It is much more than a logo. It’s a distinctive idea that defines the corporate soul. This is the stuff that bounds me out of bed in the morning. My specialty is creating relevant, cohesive and compelling brands that don’t put the burden on your customer to figure out who you are. To be effective, branding has to be the face and voice of your business strategy. It is my goal to establish a visual language and personality that will support your businesses’ mission as well as shape the right perception.

Over the 20+ years of my design firm, I’ve branded communications for clients across all sectors of business, including professional services, public sector, restaurants, consumer goods and retail. By learning the culture of each specific audience, I align the brand and messaging to it with precision.

Branding is no longer an option. You need an edge, a branded edge.

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Kelly Trujillo

(949) 388-8722


icon-twitter-sm @brandededge
icon-linkedin-sm linkedin.com/in/KellyTrujillo

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